Narrow Gauge Trikes

A narrow gauge trike refers to a type of three-wheeled motorcycle that has a smaller distance between the two rear wheels than a standard trike. This design feature provides several benefits to the rider, including a lighter weight and the ability to fit in a regular van for transportation.

One significant advantage of a narrow gauge trike is its improved steering. With a smaller distance between the two rear wheels, the trike has a lighter feel and is more responsive to the rider's movements. This can result in a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience, especially when navigating tight corners or winding roads.

The reduced weight of a narrow gauge trike can also provide benefits in terms of fuel efficiency and ease of use. With less weight to carry, the engine has to work less hard, resulting in better gas mileage and a longer lifespan for the vehicle.

Finally, the ability to fit a narrow gauge trike in a regular van is a significant advantage for those who want to transport their vehicle to different locations. With the ability to fit in a standard van, owners can easily take their trike on road trips or to events without the need for a specialized trailer or transportation service.

Overall, a narrow gauge trike can be an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight and maneuverable three-wheeled vehicle with improved steering and easy transportation options.

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