At the Trike and Sidecare Exchange we buy trikes and sidecars of all types and ages, and so if you want to sell your vehicle we have provided all the information to get a free online valuation and more below: Do feel free to text or call me 01444 390765 or 07808 572709 (David).

Selling your Trike or Sidecar - free valuation

If you are looking to sell your trike or sidecar then we can give you a FREE online valuation. This only takes a few minutes, simply:

  1. Click on our contact form
  2. Type as much information about the trike or sidecar as you think is relevant to the valuation. The more you tell me the more accurate the valuation, so remember to include:
    • your estimate of how much money is needed for any repairs etc
    • other factors which may affect the value such as where you are, the mileage, and how long the MOT test certificate is valid for. (The more you tell me the more accurate the valuation)

  3. Done! Your submission is now being evaluated by our team. A cash offer will be sent via return email ASAP. This is not an automated response so it may take a few hours.

If you require an instant valuation, simply call: 01444 390765 or 07808 572709.

We collect your Trike or Sidecar from you:

That’s right, I COME TO YOU! I travel to areas across the South East of England. Or if you would prefer to come to me, just call and arrange a viewing.

Your questions answered…

How long does it take?

As little as 24 hours, when possible. Of course this is a best case scenario and variables such as distance, finance pay-outs and availability may make the process a little longer.

What documents do I need to have?

The V5 registration certificate, proof of purchase and personal identification. We provide a ‘Purchase Invoice’.In the event that either your registration certificate or drivers licence are lost or misplaced, we may still be able to purchase your vehicle. Other forms of Identification may be acceptable. With satisfactory ID I can contact HPI or Swansea to verify ownership.

Can I sell my Trike or Sidecar even if not registered to me?

I have purchased many vehicles from sellers who are not the registered owners. Common examples are a parent or spouse acting for a family member, a person selling on behalf of a friend who is overseas or an executor to a will. We purchase these vehicles only if specific documents are provided. These include signed registration papers along with a letter of authority from the registered owner. We authenticate all documents before any sale can proceed.

Should the Trike or Sidecar be MOT’d or cleaned?

Absolutely not! It’s a waste of your time and money. You don’t have to provide any type of roadworthy certificate when selling to me. I can assess your vehicle regardless of how clean or roadworthy it is. Well, nearly always.

What about my finance contract?

If you bought your Trike or Sidecar from a motorcycle shop you may have had finance. Motorcycle shops sell most of their vehicles with some sort of finance arrangement. However we payout personal loans, hire purchase, lease agreements etc. For more information please ask for a written quotation.

How do I get paid?

However you choose! Cash, bank cheque, electronic transfer etc.