New Sidecars & Fittings

We offer a selection of New Sidecars & Fittings, please contact us for more details. Call David 07808 572709 or e-mail

New Rocket Retro Sidecar £2400 +VAT

New Royal Retro Sidecar £2295 +VAT

New Inder Retro Sidecar Chassis £1500 +VAT

New Retro Sidecar Metal Body

Universal Sidecar Fitting Kit £395 (+P&P)

Sidecar Mudguard With Rear Light £125 (+P&P)

350mm Motorcycle Sidecar Gooseneck £60 (+P&P)

Sidecar Prop Bracket £55 (+P&P)

Sidecar Long Adjustable Prop £55 (+P&P)

Universal Sidecar Frame Clamp £48 (+P&P)

80mm x M14 Eyebolt with Sleeve £29 (+P&P)

56mm x M14 Motorcycle Sidecar Eyebolt £25 (+P&P)