1932 Motobécane B33 £3995

Motobécane, established in 1923, was a prominent French manufacturer of bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, and other small vehicles. The name "Motobécane" is a combination of "moto" (short for motorcycle) and "bécane" (slang for bike). For many years, Motobécane held the distinction of being France's largest motorcycle manufacturer. In 1922, Charles Benoit and Abel Bardin joined forces and designed their inaugural motorcycle, a 175cc single cylinder two-stroke engine bike, which was introduced in 1923. During the 1930s, Motobécane gained popularity with their highly sought-after range of motorcycles.

This captivating motorcycle, preserved in its original condition, showcases a striking green and black color scheme. It features a comfortable leather-clad sprung seat, a gear lever mounted on the tank, and a spare oil canister attached to the front wheel. Powered by a 250cc engine, this motorcycle is undeniably a rare find.

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