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125cc Sidecar Motorcycle Outfits

125cc Motorcycles with sidecars offer a unique riding experience that is both enjoyable and practical. While they may not be as fast as solo bikes, sidecar outfits provide a number of advantages that make them an attractive option for many riders..

Sidecar Tyres

Sidecar outfits could in some riders views benefit from special tyres, but it's not always necessary. Here's the breakdown: Overall, big heavy sidecars will show more rigidity with tyres with firmer sidewalls..

In memory of my dear friend Neil McPhail

Neil McPhail was a man of his word. For the past decade, he had been the go-to courier for the Trike and Sidecar Exchange, ensuring that every delivery and collection was made on time, without fail. He took great pride in his work, and his reliability had become legendary within the company..

Sidecar Design

A forthcoming meeting will address upgrades, adjustments, and aspects of the Inder sidecar design. As a distributor, I gather feedback from end users regarding their preferences and..

New Model of Sidecar

The 'Rural' is a new model of sidecar inspired by the military bikes of the past. It features a classic design with a durable construction, making it perfect for both on-road and off-road adventures..

Motorcycle Sidecar Outfits for TV and Film

I have been supplying motorcycle sidecar outfits to TV and film for over 40 years. In that time, I have worked on a wide range of productions, from classic TV shows like Lovejoy and a number of..

Can you fit a sidecar on a 125cc bike?

Absolutely yes! it is possible to attach a sidecar to a 125cc motorcycle, but there are several important considerations and limitations to keep in mind..

Low Speed Wobble

I was thinking....about "Low Speed Wobble" in sidecar outfits and also less common on trikes. Based on my own personal experiences, and a lot of thought, this is what I think is an accurate description of the effect..

Narrow Gauge Trikes

A narrow gauge trike refers to a type of three-wheeled motorcycle that has a smaller distance between the two rear wheels than a standard trike. This design feature provides several benefits to the rider..

Pulling up the Hill

The weird effect when riding a heavy sidecar uphill, or even a lightweight sidecar with a heavy load on board. The first time you ride a heavy sidecar uphill, especially a steep hill you might get a bit of a surprise..

Steering Dampers on Sidecars

Steering dampers are commonly used on sidecars to improve stability and reduce wobbling or shaking through the handlebars. This is usually at lower speeds..

Why have a brake on the Sidecar wheel

There are differing views on this subject, which is why you see lots of sidecars without a brake. You could reasonably argue that it's a legacy thing from yesteryear..

The Sidecar Chassis Frame Kit

The sidecar chassis frame kit is an excellent addition to any bike, providing a sturdy and reliable platform for a sidecar. The kit is designed to fit onto bikes with traditional tubular steel frames..

Brief Sidecar Fitting Guide

We are talking about the most common form of sidecar fitting which is a 4 point mounting, so this is 2 at the front and 2 at the back. Let's assume that the sidecar will bolt onto..

What to consider when buying a Trike

When looking to get your hands on a trike there are quite a lot of considerations. The most obvious difference is that some have been made from cars and some made from motorcycles..

Why is the sidecar wheel further forward?

Firstly this is not always the case. Old Harley military bikes and bikes like the flat twin Ural often have the sidecar wheel in line with the bike rear wheel. Although this arrangement is a little less stable it allows for..

Sidecar Toe-in

Adjusting the toe-in or toe-out of the sidecar refers to the angle of the sidecar wheel in relation to mainly the rear motorcycle wheel. The front wheel direction compensates for the other factors at play..

Fitting Sidecars

Motorcycle sidecar alignment is an important process that ensures the sidecar is properly attached to the motorcycle and that the two are working in harmony. Proper alignment will help the motorcycle and sidecar..