Frequently Asked Questions

Why some riders choose a trike?

Because you can ride it on your car licence, that is if you got your car licence before 2013 and without the helmet (not recommended). Perhaps you have a partner that perceives three wheels safer than 2. Health issues such as poor balance, bad back etc. are all reasons trikes are chosen. See our "Buying a Trike" page.

How long have you been in business?

The ‘Trike and Sidecar Exchange’ is a subdivision of ‘’, this being the tail end of a business that started trading motorcycles in 1953 in Shoreham-by-Sea. The early roots of the business go back to 1952 when my father started to trade motorcycles.

Where are you based?

The ‘Trike and Sidecar Exchange’ is a unit in the corner of a business centre in Henfield, West Sussex. I'm not there all the time because the business is run and staffed by me only and there are always other places to be. Buying and selling is the game so the business cheerfully trades trikes, sidecars and classic bikes (often fitted with sidecars).

Selling your Trike or Sidecar?

At the Trike and Sidecare Exchange we also buy trikes and sidecars of all types and ages, please see our "Sell your Trike" page. Do feel free to text or call me 01444 390765 or 07808 572709 (David).

Who are Inder Sidecars?

Inder Exports is a company that specializes in the production of sidecars, with a particular focus on their retro designs. The company was founded by a relative of the current owner, who designed the iconic "Retro Royal" sidecar many years ago. See our "Inder Sidecars" page.

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