Sidecar Tyres

Sidecar outfits could in some riders views benefit from special tyres, but it's not always necessary. Here's the breakdown:

Overall, big heavy sidecars will show more rigidity with tyres with firmer sidewalls.

You could also say that with sidecar tyres you can lack the feel of the stresses and strains of what goes on when you are putting the outfit under load on a bend or corner.

Standard Motorcycle Tyres: Many sidecar rigs operate safely with regular motorbike tyres provided they are in good condition and inflated to the correct pressure.

Car Tyres: Swapping the motorbike tyre on the sidecar wheel with a car tyre is a common practice. Car tyres offer increased durability and a squarer profile that provides more grip on loose surfaces.

Specialty Sidecar Tyres: Manufacturers also produce tyres specifically designed for sidecar use. These tyres often have reinforced sidewalls to handle the additional weight and stresses of a sidecar. This is barely noticeable on lightweight sidecars.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing tyres for your sidecar outfit:

Type of Riding: If you plan on mostly sticking to paved roads, regular motorcycle tyres or car tyres might be sufficient. For off-road adventures, consider knobby tyres designed for sidecars.

Weight: Heavier sidecar outfits put more strain on the tyres. Opt for tyres with a higher load rating to handle the extra weight if you don't mind giving up the feel.

Handling: Car tyres can affect the handling of your motorcycle due to their different profile. Consider this if handling at speed is a priority.

Ultimately, consulting a professional mechanic or a fellow sidecar enthusiast can help you decide on the best tyres for your specific needs.

David Evans

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