The whys and wherefores of Sidecar Toe-in

Adjusting the toe-in or toe-out of the sidecar refers to the angle of the sidecar wheel in relation to mainly the rear motorcycle wheel. The front wheel direction compensates for the other factors at play. This angle affects how the sidecar tracks alongside the motorcycle and can have a significant impact on stability and handling.

Toe-in refers to a situation where the sidecar wheel is angled slightly inward towards the motorcycle, while toe-out refers to a situation where the sidecar wheel is angled slightly outward away from the motorcycle. The optimal toe-in or toe-out setting depends on several factors, including the type of motorcycle and sidecar, the weight distribution, and the rider's preferences.

To adjust the toe-in or toe-out of the sidecar, you'll need to loosen the sidecar mounting hardware and make small adjustments to the sidecar's position relative to the motorcycle. You can use a measuring tape or a straight edge to check the distance between the sidecar wheel and the motorcycle wheel on both sides to ensure that they are equal.

The industry standard is 19mm toe-in. However this just comes from the imperial 3/4 of an inch being converted into metric. Because of various factors you may find that your outfit has a fair bit more or less than this and feels perfectly ok.

After making adjustments, it's important to test the sidecar's tracking by taking it for a ride or by using sidecar towing. If the sidecar pulls to one side or feels unstable, you may need to make further adjustments to the toe-in or toe-out settings until the sidecar tracks correctly.

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