Why have a brake on the sidecar wheel

There are differing views on this subject, which is why you see lots of sidecars without a brake. You could reasonably argue that it's a legacy thing from yesteryear when the brakes on the bikes were not that good. Whilst this is true there is more to it than just that. With a fairly lightweight sidecar and when fitted to a bike with reasonable brakes a sidecar wheel brake is less important.

You could also say that a brake on a sidecar is important for safety reasons. A sidecar is essentially an attachment to a motorcycle that adds additional weight and changes the motorcycle's centre of gravity. This can make it more difficult to stop quickly in a controlled fashion especially in emergency situations.

When set up properly, having a brake on the sidecar helps to distribute the braking force between the motorcycle and the sidecar, making it easier to stop the entire sidecar outfit. It also helps to prevent the sidecar from swerving or fishtailing during sudden stops or deceleration.

In addition, some places require sidecars to have their own separate brake system in order to be street legal. So if you are considering adding a sidecar to your motorcycle, be sure to check your local laws and regulations to ensure that your setup is compliant.

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David Evans

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