New Inder Retro Sidecar Chassis £1680
(price includes VAT)

Key points:

Designed for DIY customization: The Royal Sidecar Chassis allows you to attach your own sidecar body or use one from another sidecar. Handmade quality: The chassis is built by skilled craftsmen in India, ensuring durability and attention to detail. Modern design with retro vibes: The Retro Royal concept blends modern engineering with classic aesthetics, reminiscent of the Royal Enfield Bullets. Universal fit with caveats: It primarily fits Royal Enfield Bullets but can be adapted to other bikes with similar frames. Different bikes may require additional fittings. Basic features: Includes a drum brake wheel and coil-over shock absorber suspension, mudguard with lamp. Fitting kit.. Support available: The manufacturer might offer advice on bracket design for different bike models.

Overall, the Retro Royal Sidecar Chassis seems like a good option for: DIY enthusiasts who want to build their own sidecar. Fans of the Royal Enfield Bullet looking for a modern sidecar solution.

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